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The Bialowieza National Park covers the central part of Białowieża Forest. Białowieza National Park protects last natural forest at the European Lowland Area, having the primaeval character, identical with the one which covered the area of deciduous and coniferous forests years ago. A European bison – the biggest European land mammal – is the symbol of the Park. Białowieza Forest became last mainstay for the lowland European bison. At present, Białowieza Forest comprises the largest free-living population of European bison in the world. There are approximately 500 European bison living in the Polish part of Białowieza Forest. Białowieza National Park is the only Polish natural property designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.

Trip program

Our sightseeing includes:

  • A walk down Bialowieza: St. Nicholas the Miraculous’ Orthodox Church – with a unique iconostasis from Chinese porcelain, open-air folk museum – with original huts, windmills and wells, Graveyard Chapel of St. Cyril from 1873 with an 18th-century icon.
  • Lunch in a local restaurant and tasting exceptional regional dishes and local beverages such as porchini muschroom soup, wild boar steak, pâté with cranberries and wheat beer.
  • Bialowieza Forest included in the UNESCO Heritage List: Palace Park Complex, Nature and Forest Museum, European Bison Show Reserve, trail through Strictly Protected Area with the Royal Oak Trail.

Dates and prices

38 € /p.p. (for the group of 30 persons)
42 € /p.p. (for the group of 20 persons)
47 € /p.p. (for the group of 15 persons)
55 € /p.p. (for the group of 10 persons)
60 € /p.p. (for the group of 5 persons)

Price inludes

  • Board: lunch in a regional restaurant in Bialowieza;
  • Admission fees to the all listed attractions: Nature and Forest Museum – 12 PLN, European Bison Show Reserve – 8 PLN, Strictly Protected Area with the Royal Oak Trail – 6 PLN; telescope viewing – 1 PLN; altogether – 27 PLN;
  • Qualified English speaking guide;
  • VAT.


  1. The offer was prepared on the basis of the prices of land transport and admission fees valid on the date 14.02.2014. In the case of the changes of the given prices, the total cost of the trip may be different.
  2. The order of visited attractions may be changed, but all points of the programme will be realised under the condition that all attractions are available to the visitors.